A scholarship in Indonesia can be fully or partially funded. The Indonesian government offers various scholarships for students who have difficulty paying tuition fees. A scholarship in Indonesia is available for graduate students who want to take their education to the next level.

Every year, the number of students seeking scholarships in Indonesia increases exponentially due to the benefits associated with it. This is the reason why students should try to meet the needs or criteria of these scholarships. Every country has its education system, just like Indonesia.

Education system in Indonesia

The education system in Indonesia is divided into different categories such as primary education, secondary education, secondary education, vocational education, and higher education.

Elementary education:

Here, students will be required to spend six years in their primary schools, but before primary school, they will enroll in a pre-school playgroup to prepare them for higher levels of education. The truth is that most of these primary schools are controlled by the Indonesian government.

Secondary education:

It is a bridge between primary and secondary education. Here students are ready to move on to another advanced study of education. From here, educators can determine a bright future for students.
Secondary education:
Secondary education has two types of education for everyone who wants to go there. One of the areas of education is aimed at preparing students for entering university. The other is for those who want to start working on building their resume.

Vocational education:

Education should offer people vocational training so they can learn one or two skills. These skills could be carpentry, fashion design, shoe making, etc. Unfortunately, these skills are useful to those living in urban areas while those in rural communities do menial jobs to try to survive.

Higher education:

There are four different higher education institutions in Indonesia – universities, academics, polytechnics, and institutes. Some are controlled by the state government, some by religious organizations, and others by religious organizations.

General requirements for students to receive scholarships in Indonesia

Before applying for a scholarship, students must have the following:

Medical certificate
Previous academic transcripts
Passport photos
An essay indicating the purpose of learning, etc.
Letter of recommendation from a professional institution or educational institution, etc.

Indonesia Scholarship

Here they are:

Undip Scholarships:

The scholarship is organized by Diponegoro University and is mainly intended for international students. Through the scholarship, students can study various courses and even graduate students can study industrial engineering, agribusiness, communications, public administration, accounting, etc. This is an annual scholarship in Indonesia that is provided every year.

The scholarship offers various benefits such as a settlement allowance, a free international air ticket, a living allowance of IDR 2,500,000 per month, an internet allowance, a settlement allowance of IDR 2,500,000, health insurance, etc. International students can apply for this scholarship in Indonesia. Students must have an Indonesian passport and be registered with the institution.

These are the scholarship application documents – Curriculum Vitae, Valid Passport, Academic Transcripts, Passport Photos, Letter of Recommendation, Minimum CGPA of 3.0, and a good English Language Score in IELTS, TOEFL, or SAT.

KNB Scholarships:

The scholarship covers various levels of education starting from undergraduate level to postgraduate level and it is open to international students to study courses such as social sciences, natural sciences, education, humanities, etc. The Indonesian government is the main sponsor of the scholarship for international students, migrating from their country to study in Indonesia.

The KNB scholarship has many benefits – living allowance, research allowance, textbook allowance, and each of these allowances has a certain amount attached to it. In addition, international air tickets and health insurance are provided for recipients of this scholarship in Indonesia.

Applicants must meet these requirements to receive the scholarship, such as good academic results, they must be international students, a good language test score, having a bachelor’s degree, filling out the application form with relevant details, etc.

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