Having permanent residency in Sweden requires that migrants have been able to meet basic requirements. Becoming a Swedish citizen does not happen overnight, because such an applicant must have been residing in this country for several years. For someone preparing to become a Swedish citizen with investment, there are several prescribed procedures. There are different ways that one can stay permanently in the Citizen and can benefit other benefits as well.

The first thing Swedish immigration lawyers will consider is the number of years you have lived in Sweden. For example, two migrants traveled to Sweden in April 2015. Along the line, one of the migrants was returned to his country of residence and later returned to Sweden in 2019. The only person who qualified for Sweden’s permanent residence is the one who has stayed in Sweden for five consecutive years.

Residence permits in Sweden: temporary and permanent

Before you can permanently stay in Sweden, you must have a temporary residence permit to enable them to live in Sweden together with a work permit to enable you to work in any Swedish company. For citizens whose country is a member of the European Union, they must have been able to meet the requirements on time and all years of stay in Sweden must be counted as the period of their stay for Swedish citizenship.

Becoming a permanent resident in Sweden varies from one immigrant to another. The main reason for this has to do with the immigrant’s place of residence. There is no way one can compare the process involved with an immigrant from the European Union to one whose country is not affiliated with the European Union. Citizens from any of the Scandinavian countries do not have to ask for permission before they can move in and out of Sweden.

Types of Citizens for Swedish Citizenship

Below are the types of citizens who are applying to become a Swedish citizen:

  • Non-EU citizens
  • Citizens of the European Union
  • Nordic citizens

1. Non-European Union citizens:

A non-EU citizen can obtain Swedish citizenship. The only way to do this is that he or she must have stayed in this country for more than five years with a Swedish residence permit. They should be able to offer evidence they have been able to advocate for themselves and their family members. This indicates that they are deemed eligible for this citizenship. It should be noted that this citizenship can be stripped of the immigrant if he or she stays away from the country for 6 years.

2. Citizens of the European Union:

Eu citizens can become permanent citizens in Sweden. The process for them to obtain Swedish citizenship is not complicated either. A European Union citizen should keep these two things in the back of his mind. The first is a European Union citizen who has lived in Sweden for five continuous years with the right to stay in Sweden. The second is a European Union citizen, who has been residing with a Swedish citizen for two years with a requirement for this citizenship.

3. Nordic citizens:

There are special procedures for citizens from these countries as diverse as Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. If citizens have resided in this country for five consecutive years automatically, they can become Swedish citizens with notice. Another way to do this is to submit a standard application for Swedish citizenship after two consecutive years in Sweden.

How can I get permanent residency in Sweden?

For someone to have this permanent residency to enable them to live permanently in this country, they must follow these steps sequentially and the immigrant must:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • Have a standing card
  • They have met the number of years for the usual settlement required.
  • There is no criminal precedent.

Benefits of Permanent Residence in Sweden

Below are the benefits of having Swedish citizenship, and here are those:

1. Right to live and work in Sweden:

Every immigrant who becomes a Swedish citizen can live and work for any number of years, they want to reside. The issue of having a work permit before you are fully employed or renewing your temporary residence permit will become a forgotten issue because you are a legalized Swedish citizen.

2. Right to vote and be voted in:

Nonsuede citizens will not be allowed to participate in any political elections because voter cards are issued only to Swedish citizens. Therefore, you can become part of the Swedish government if elected by the masses.

3. Possibility of becoming the Swedish Armed Forces:

In Sweden, they have available different types of armed forces for their citizens who have an interest in joining. Some of the armed forces available in Sweden are police, military, air force, and other military professions. The only way a migrant can work in any affiliated Swedish armed forces is to have their citizenship.

4. You have a job in other European Union countries:

There are different employment opportunities in other countries that are members of the European Union. Having permanent residence in Sweden allows someone to travel to other European countries that are part of the European Union. To get there, one does not have to worry about having a residence or work permit in this country because they have Swedish nationality.

Requirements for permanent residence in Sweden

EU citizens will be granted permanent residence if they have stayed in Sweden for five continuous years. For citizens whose country of residence is not part of the European Union, the following requirements must be met:

  • He lived in Sweden for at least five years.
  • A valid residence permit in Sweden for the five years they have lived in the country.
  • The migrant should have been able to take care of him financially.

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