Universities in the Netherlands may be attractive to students from Russia for several reasons. The main one is a record number of programs and courses in English (more than 2100!). Therefore, Dutch is not a prerequisite for admission. After all, 98% of Dutch people speak English fluently.

The second reason to take a closer look at universities in the Netherlands is the cost of higher education. It is noticeably lower than in countries that are usually associated with English-language education – the UK and the USA.

In addition, the Netherlands has many programs that allow international students to receive financial support. Thus, grants or scholarships can fully or partially cover the cost of education, and sometimes even living in the country during study.

If you consider yourself an active and purposeful person, you should try your hand at applying for a grant or scholarship. In the best-case scenario, you will be covered for the cost of training, accommodation, visa, and even flights!

Scholarships to study in the Netherlands: European and Dutch scholarship programs

Directly in the Netherlands, there are several programs to finance education for gifted and talented students from abroad.

To search for all possible grants and scholarships, you can use the Grantfinder search engine. This system is a convenient service that contains all the information about scholarships and grants for studying in the Netherlands.

Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS)

Let’s take a closer look at this program since it became available to Russians only last year.

For several years now it has been successfully operating in China, Indonesia, Brazil, and Mexico. Applicants for undergraduate, graduate, or Final-year (Bachelor’s degree) programs can receive a scholarship. Today, Russians can receive an OTS scholarship in 19 Dutch universities in a variety of programs – from economics, finance, and MBA to courses in theology and art.

Eligibility requirements and application submission

As a rule, universities within the framework of this program independently determine the size of scholarships, their number, programs, and requirements for students.

citizenship of the Russian Federation and permanent residence in the territory of the Russian Federation;
age from 18 to 35 years (all undergraduate and graduate programs), up to 45 years – International MBA and Executive MBA at Nyenrode Business University;
certificate of knowledge of the English language TOEFL (from 80 iBT) or IELTS (from 6.0 points).
However, applicants must not have other degrees from Dutch universities and must not live or work in the Netherlands at the time of application.

To participate in the competition, you must independently begin the procedure for entering the university – that is, submit all the necessary documents for the chosen program.

Next, you need to prepare a package of documents (letters of recommendation, resume, certificates, and diploma) and send them electronically to the Nuffic Neso Russia office. A complete list of documents can be found here.

Algorithm of actions to receive a scholarship:

You make sure that you meet the general requirements of the program.
Choose a bachelor’s or master’s degree program at a university that participates in the OTS program
Make sure that you meet the requirements of this university (diplomas and certificates, etc.).
Apply for admission on the university website.
You are collecting documents for the OTS scholarship.
Send scanned copies of all documents to the mailbox ots@nesorussia.org within the deadline set by the selected university.
You are waiting for the result.

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