Hungarian citizenship by descent derives from one’s parents, grandparents or great-grandparents. Citizenship by origin is one of the easiest methods to become a citizen of a country. Here, the individual involves becoming a citizen of Hungary automatically without attaching any stress. For example, a child whose parent by their father or mother is from Hungary will become a Hungarian citizen.

The country became a member of the European Union on 1 May 2004 and this allowed them to trade internationally with the European Union countries. Individuals of Hungarian origin have the right to become Hungarian subsist eligible, regardless of where they reside. These individuals can still travel to Hungary to seek their citizenship. There are over 5 million individuals with Hungarian roots living in other countries such as Canada, Brazil, the United States, Argentina, Australia, Chile, etc.

Benefits of Hungarian citizenship by origin

Below are the benefits an individual tends to gain as Hungarian citizenship from entry, and here are those:

1. Free travel:

A Hungarian citizen can travel to other EU countries without applying for a visa. The main thing he or she needs is to get a passport to show he is Hungarian. That’s the reason most migrants, whose country is not a member of the European Union, are fighting hard to become citizens in any of the 28 European Union countries.

2. Job opportunities:

There are many employment opportunities in these European Union countries, based on the fact that they are in manufacturing, technology, agriculture, etc. If you are versed in the right educational qualifications and work experience as a Hungarian, you can work in other European Union countries.

3. Quality education:

Hungarian citizens by descent are entitled to a high standard of education in any of the countries within the 28 countries of the European Union. This quality education extends to all tertiary institutions within these countries. In some cases, an individual will have the right to pay less tuition fees.

4. Business and Investment:

If you are rich enough to own a business or an investment as a Hungarian citizen, you have the right to do so. Procedures involved in running a business will not be demanding compared to an individual whose country of residence is outside the European Union.

Requirements for Hungarian citizenship of origin

Below are the criteria for this type of citizenship and you can become a Hungarian citizen from entry if you have:

  • A Hungarian father
  • A Hungarian mother
  • A Hungarian grandfather
  • A Hungarian grandmother
  • A Hungarian great-grandfather
  • A Hungarian great-grandfather

If an individual has a Hungarian background, he becomes readable for that citizenship.

Apply for Hungarian citizenship with a background

These are the basic steps you should follow to apply for this Hungarian citizenship by origin:

  • Application to Hungarian jurisdiction
  • Survey of required documents
  • Submitting documents to the Hungarian processing associate


Hungarian citizenship by descent is for any individual whose parents or ancestors were born in Hungary. This is how he or she can become a citizen of this country, without that it would be impossible for anyone to be entitled to this citizenship through this means.

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