This is an essential guide detailing readers or any foreign nationals on how to apply for permanent residence in Norway.

Norway is widely recognized as a Scandinavian country comprising mountains, glaciers, and deep coastal fjords. The capital of Norway is Oslo which is a city of green spaces and museums. However, if you’re looking forward to a tour of Norway, you can always go to their capital city.

Life in Norway is very interesting. However, there are so many benefits of living in Norway and some of the main benefits include the fact that most people in Norway speak English, it’s a family-friendly state, their banking system has excellent online services, healthcare is pretty much free for everyone there, they had a booming economy, It is a high level of education and is not overcrowded.

Norway’s permanent residence is a solid path to obtaining Norwegian citizenship. However, there are benefits you get as a permanent resident in Norway.

Benefits of Making Permanent Residence in Norway

  1. After years of permanent residence status, you qualify to apply for Norwegian citizenship
  2. You get the same educational rights as citizens of Norwich
  3. You also get health benefits as a permanent resident of Norwich
  4. You can take advantage of their low cooperation tax rate as a permanent residence in Norway
  5. It creates space to sponsor your family to emigrate to Norway and many other benefits.

Making Norway permanent residency is much easier if you are part of EU citizenship. However, all you need is to travel to Norway, apply for a job, and then apply for a temporary residence permit and work permit. While non-EU citizens need a sponsor to help them through the process, such as applying for a job, obtaining a work visa, then immigrating to Norway and applying for a temporary residence permit.

Once you have your temporary residence permit for about 3 to 6 years, then you can apply for permanent residence in Norway. However, there are some new requirements or criteria that you must meet to get a permanent residence in Norway.

Required requirements

  1. You must live in Norway for more than 3 years.
  2. Avoid being a convicted criminal during your stay in Norway
  3. You must complete 250 hours in Norwegian if applicable and also score an A1 on the oral language test. This is not for highly skilled workers.
  4. Complete their 50-hour social studies test and pass it. This is also not applicable to highly skilled workers.

Application process

  1. You must provide a photocopy of all pages stamped in your passport or other travel documents during the application
  2. Also, send your passport-size photo.
  3. List your trips in the last 3 or more years and also the travel tariff bills if applicable
  4. You must also provide documentation or results of the exam in Norwegian if applicable.

You can apply for permanent residence in Norway from their official immigration website, IDU. If you have any questions regarding Norwich citizenship, immigration to Norway, or any other questions regarding this topic, please let me know through the comments section. Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends on social media.

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