Have you been looking for an easy way to get permanent residence in Canada but have no idea how to facilitate the immigration process? Currently, the Canadian government welcomes over 200,000 foreigners worldwide each year. As a result, the country is one of the easiest places for immigrants to obtain permanent residence within a short time.

Your dream may be to settle in Canada and start a new life with your spouse, family, loved ones, etc. The number of people trying to get permanent Canadian residency increases every year. The country has a good standard of living that you can adjust to massive job employment, whether you are qualified, semi-skilled, or unskilled. There are essential facts to know about the country.

Facts about Canada

  • The country has the world’s longest coastline
  • Canada has millions of lakes
  • There is another version of the Dead Sea in the country
  • Six cities in Canada have a population of over 1 million
  • The highest source of fresh water is in Canada

Why Immigrants Want Permanent Residence in Canada

The country has a good infrastructure with a good economy, increasing employment. Canada has the 10th largest economy globally, with international trade being one of the things that add to its GDP. They care about their citizens and even naturalized citizens.

If you’re a nature lover or explorer, you might consider Canada your dream country. The Canadian government will offer free educational and health programs until 12th grade. According to statistics, half of Canadians are educated. You may be thinking of moving to Canada for one reason or the other.

Permanent Canadian residence

Before you can be called a Canadian permanent resident, you must legally reside in Canada through Canadian permanent residence programs. When you become a Canadian permanent citizen, you may enjoy other privileges enjoyed by Canadian citizens. If you are an international student or foreign worker in Canada, you will not enjoy these benefits except as a permanent Canadian resident.

We have many immigration programs for Canadian permanent residency to apply to become Canadian citizens. Before you can get permanent residency in Canada, you must apply for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. It is mandatory to live in Canada for years to apply for this permanent residence and the holding of documents is mandatory when applying for permanent residence in Canada.

Documents essential for permanent residence in Canada

  • Language test results such as IELTS, CanTEST, TOEFL, SAT, etc.
  • Proof of sufficient funds by showing your financial statement
  • Academic degree, diploma, certificate, or university degree
  • Original copies of your documents and translation of your documents that support the application
  • Birth certificate to show your age proof of age.
  • Travel document (international passport)
  • Medical Certificate Certificate
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Employment documents for work, such as pay sheets, letters of recommendation, and employment letters.

Different immigration programs for permanent residence in Canada

The Canadian government has different immigration programs where you can apply. You need to stick to what suits your requirements or abilities. A total point of excellence is needed. It would help if you had high scores through your profile criteria like work experience, language skills, education, age, etc.

  • Qualified Immigration Program (Express Entry): If you have a skill that is useful in a given province, the provincial government may decide on internationally capable individuals in vacancies, despite having no Canadian citizens.
  • Qualified Federal Employee (FSW): The program is workers from parts of the globe looking for a better opportunity to work in another country with an excellent working environment. If you are a qualified expert in a specific field, you can apply for the program.
  • The Federal Skills Trade Program: You can use the immigration program if you have years of experience in a particular trade. You won’t qualify for the Federal Skills Trade Program unless you have it.
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC): It is one of the most important immigration programs to get permanent residency in Canada. If you have any recent Canadian work experience, you can become a Canadian permanent resident through the Canadian Experience Class.
  • Entrepreneurial and Self-Employed Investors: It is a business immigration route for foreigners who want to invest their funds and business experience in the Canadian economy. You need to have enough evidence to show that you have had a successful business in the past.
  • The Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP): Before migrating to Canada through this program, it is recommended to ensure that your skills and work experience meet quebec requirements. You also need to have French language skills.
  • Provincial candidates program: The Canadian government partners with various Canadian provinces and each of these provinces has its own requirements for students, skilled workers, entrepreneurs, etc., migrating to its province.

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