France is known for its loyalty to international students. Youth from abroad claim the same educational rights as local boys and girls. This means that a student from Russia studying at a French university can count on full scholarship support.

The French scholarship system is aimed at creating and maintaining a cluster of highly qualified intellectuals. A significant proportion of benefits are intended to provide financial assistance in the creation of scientific works of various levels.

French Government Scholarships

Study scholarships (Bourse d’études) are paid throughout the academic year and fully reimburse education costs
partially covering the costs of studying in France (Bourse partielle d’études) are intended for those who go to study for a short period (no more than three months), the scholarship holder receives approximately 300 euros monthly and bears the rest of the expenses
to cover social insurance (Bourse de couverture sociale) cover only the cost of social insurance
for writing dissertations under French-Russian scientific guidance (Bourse de thèse en co-tutelle) they provide a unique opportunity to write a work with the support of two scientific schools; at the end of the training the student is issued a double diploma
internships (Bourses de stages) are divided into several groups: professional (for those seeking to improve their qualifications), educational (mainly for graduate students), pedagogical, and linguistic.

What to prefer

The most common type of financial support for students from Russia aiming at a French master’s degree are educational scholarships and social security scholarships. Fellows are guaranteed an impressive set of privileges, including types

consulting support from the French Embassy
health insurance
assistance in obtaining a visa
assistance with accommodation in a hostel.
The study scholarship provides a monthly allowance of 767 euros. Payments continue for nine months.

What to pay attention to

Russian citizens under the age of 35 whose admission to a French university has already been confirmed have a chance to receive a scholarship;
Candidates with higher education in technical and engineering fields are given preference, but this does not mean that students from other fields cannot apply;
The package of required documents includes a motivation letter, on which the success of the applicant largely depends.
You can evaluate your own capabilities and leave a questionnaire here . Documents are accepted from February 1 to April 16.

Scholarships from leading universities in France

Scholarships from the Sorbonne, one of the oldest universities in the world, are renowned for their generosity. The Sorbonne is also known as the largest and most prestigious university in France. Young people from all over the world are eager to experience the bohemian student life of the Sorbonne. The scholarship policy of this university is based on social criteria. A talented student from a poor family is guaranteed to receive large financial aid. For graduate students, a slightly different scholarship system operates: research and teaching activities are supported.

The Paris Institute of Political Studies is one of the most prestigious universities in France, where the political and diplomatic personnel elite is formed. The Institute holds an Emil Butumi Scholarship designed to attract the most talented students from countries outside the European Union. The scholarship is awarded to promising students enrolled in master’s and bachelor’s programs. The duration of the scholarship payment depends on academic performance: the better the scholarship holder’s grades, the longer the funding. The amount of the Emil Butumi scholarship ranges from three to seven thousand euros per year.

Universities in the Ile-de-France region have a special scholarship program aimed at increasing the number of foreign students in regional universities. For each year of study, a foreign student receives just over ten thousand euros. The Ile-de-France Region Scholarship covers housing costs but does not cover insurance and travel costs.

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